Ice Dragon for McFarlanes

Ice Dragon for McFarlanes

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here we go...

Okay, guys, I'm relatively new to the world of blogging, tweeting and the like. But, I'm not so new to writing. Ever since I can remember, I've loved being able to put my thoughts down on paper. Paper? What's that?. You mean, you would actually write out, like words on, you know, like paper. Whoa, you must be really old!

Okay, yeah, I'll give you that much...if 43 counts as being old nowadays, then, I'm old. And if it stays as cold as it was today, then, an going to be 'feeling old' young 'whipper-snappers' Geez, I didn't even want to be outside today. And, as I type this, and can actually feel the bad weather coming in my hands.  Yeah, kiddies, you'll hear it a million times, but it sucks to get old!

So, what is this blog about anyway? I can hear you thinking out, I'm not going to read this blog if it's just some guys random thoughts about life...BORING! Well, yeah, that would be pretty boring, so let me try to bring you up to least a little bit up to speed, anyway.

My name in Chris Raab, and I currently work as a toy sculptor for McFarlane Toys (geez, for over 11 years I've been there!). And, if any of you have been following me on Twitter, I go by Crittersculpt on there. But, there's more than just that, I'm also a husband, a tractor puller, a comic book geek, a digital sculptor, a tinkerer, a cat lover (Maggie, my studio cat is on my lap as I write this), a fan of Science, a reader, and I'm also just a plain old farm kid that grew up here in northern New Jersey. So, hopefully, I'll be able to get some thoughts down here that are more than just random 'goings-on'.

In the meantime, I'll probably also use this blog to help me get my thoughts in order...rant about things that are bothering me...and update everyone about any cool projects that I can actually talk about. I am always having new ideas about stuff that would be cool to do, 'if I only had the time'. But, I'm hoping that I might be able to get some of them off the ground in the next few weeks, months or even years! And, it's up to you guys to pester the crap out of me, so that I'll get something done! I'm counting on you!

So, I've rambled on enough for now. But, look out..I'll be back! And with the next post, maybe I'll  actually start to make some sense! And maybe in the next post, I might explain the title of this blog...or maybe not! Stay tuned, everyone...this is going to be an interesting trip! I promise!

Talk to you again soon!

Chris aka Crittersculpt

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  1. Hey Chris!

    Congrats on taking the blog plunge. Be sure to post LOTS of wicked cool pictures of stuff you're working on - both past and present! :)